Podcast #6: Creating Tarot Products & Services

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When starting a business you really need to define what your product offering is.

This episode is dedicated to defining your products and inspiring you to create unique and in demand products for your customers.

A lot of this comes down to who your ideal customer is.

This can change overtime and you can certainly increase your product range as you grow.

We spoke about your ideal customer in the last episode and don’t forget you can still download your Ideal Customer Worksheet.

What Products Should I Create?

The absolute best practice is to build and audience first then ask them what they need! Sounds simple, right?

Now it’s time to really get to know your customer and discover how we can help them further along on their journey. When starting a tarot business many people think – ‘ok I’m going to sell tarot readings’. There is nothing wrong with that but I’m going to challenge you to think about different products that you can create. 

These products can be a mix of free and paid. I’m a big fan of giving aways lots of free content to build trust but you need to find the balance.

Tarot Readings

Instead of having just one set price for tarot readings maybe you want to offer a range of options. Think about the change this will bring rather than just the price.

Here is an example of what I offer:

  • Short sharp one question reading
  • Year ahead forecast
  • In-depth transformation reading

You might want to offer a set of 3 readings – one per month?

Maybe you do a forecast with a check in at the x month mark??

Maybe it’s a copy of a journal along with a reading so they can do a lot of work on their own?

Scaling Your Business

If you are serious about growing and scaling your business you will probably need to move away from the ‘trading time for money’ model and try to find a ‘one to many’ model. We talk about this concept on the podcast.

Products you can Sell

Online Course

I’ve launched a free and paid course last year which has been wonderful.

Moving to the one to many model has been a pivotal moment for my business.  Some would call it passive as the work is done up from but it’s far from passive. You have to put a lot of work in and each launch of the course takes a lot of work and dedication. However, that course is now there for ever more and will hopefully continue to make $$ for me.

My course is about learning to read tarot but your course should reflect what your customer wants. I moved away from reading as I felt my calling was teaching.  If your brand is ‘helping woman deal with divorce’ for example, maybe your course is a series of exercises that they can do to help themselves. It could be filled with tarot spreads they can use, resources, meditations etc.I give some other course ideas on the podcast.



  • Book of tarot spreadsDealing with x situation
  • X tarot spreads to help you land the dream job
  • Journal, workbook etc

Physical Products

I sell candles inspired by tarot but you can try all sorts of different things: towels, mugs, tarot decks etc.

Audio Products

Maybe you want to launch a series of meditations that you sell.Perhaps it’s an audio course or a series of affirmations?

In-person courses

Hopefully this episode will inspire you to create something unique and wonderful that your audience is calling out for.

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