Elemental Tarot Spread

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I have another exciting tarot spread to share with you. This is the Elemental Tarot Spread.

This spread is a great way of drawing upon the power of the elements to find a new solution to your problems.

It’s also a very good way to help you understand how the elements (water, air, fire and water) can impact your tarot readings.

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The Layout

As you will see it’s quite a straightforward spread. It can be tricky to interpret each element but I will guide you through.

Let’s break it down:


This is the thinking or rational that you need to apply to overcome your current problem. You may need to take a logical approach or maybe there is a smarter way of dealing with this particular situation.


Your passion and determination will help you through. What action do you need to take? This card will reveal the energy that you should focus on and tells us where you should be focussing your attention.


How emotionally involved are you? Is this problem taking its toll emotionally? Are your emotions having an impact on the problem? Maybe this is where you want to get to on an emotional level.


This is where get get grounded a look at physical action that you need to take to help you jump over this hurdle.


As always, I like to give you guys a demo so you can see the spread come to life.

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