How I Manifested a Dream Life Change

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Have I just manifested my dream life change?

I really need to learn to trust my own powers of manifestation.

This has been an incredible year for me in term so life changes and I wanted to share some of the experiences with you.  I feel that there are valuable lessons that we could all learn from this story.

Setting Goals

I’ve been a big believer in setting clear goals for a long time.  In fact you can download my tarot goal setting guide right here.

Since starting Tarot Avenue I set the goal of achieving financial freedom by working on a business or businesses that I am truly passionate about.

I have worked in corporate jobs for the last 18 years.  Don’t get me wrong, I always choose jobs and companies that I was passionate about but there was a shift in the last few years and I knew something was missing.

My soul was starting to tell me that I really needed to work for myself.  One of the issues is that I had a very good salary and a great team, which were both very difficult to give up. I was well and truly held back by the corporate handcuffs.

Setting up Tarot Avenue

Tarot Avenue has been running for around 4 years.  When I set up the business I really had no idea as to where it would lead.  

It started to catch fire and 4 years on turned into a blog, podcast, online courses, in person courses, events and much much more!

The ride has been amazing but it become quite difficult to manage given the sheer volume.

I had to strip everything back and look at the intention behind the business.  I always wanted Tarot Avenue to play a much bigger part in my life, but with all things it all comes down to balance.

Making a Sea Change

It’s been a dream for a while to move from Sydney to the Gold Coast in Queensland.  I talk about this is my last blog post 'The Importance of Taking a Break' but basically it was very difficult to make the shift whilst working my corporate job.

My corporate career was going from strength to strength and I was tasked with opening a new office in 2019.  To be honest, it all got a bit much and I knew that something had to give.

I took a step back from Tarot Avenue but kept the basics running in the background.

Manifesting Change

As I was getting busier in my corporate job it was weighing heavy on my mind that I wanted to get back to Tarot and move away from the corporate job.

What was holding me back?  If I’m honest with myself I would say that fear played a part. However, I was also just biding my time.  I’m definitely somebody who is led by gut and my gut was telling me to hold on for now.

I started to get the feeling that change was in the air so consulted my trusty tarot.

The results of this reading blew my mind:

  1. What's going on?
  2. What should I do?
  3. Obstacles
  4. How to overcome the obstacles
  5. What does the future hold?

This was a loud and clear that change was coming but I wasn’t to do anything rash.

By this time my boss, who I was very close with, had been made redundant so the temptation was to jump ship as things were changing rapidly.

The Ace of Pentacles was screaming to me that there was a new beginning coming but the 9 of Cups told me to hand fire.  The Knight of Pentacles was telling me that things will take a while to get going but I love him as I see him doing long term planning which will lead to success.

The lovely Empress was telling me to live the life that I have always wanted and go with the flow.  

I won 't go into too many details about how things transpired but a few weeks after this reading I managed to secure a nice redundancy for myself, which has come at the perfect time.

The Lessons

I’ve been really struggling over the last few months as the change was not happening as quickly as I wanted it to happen.

I really do believe that I have manifested this redundancy pretty much from nothing.

I wish has had just trusted the process a bit more instead of getting frustrated by the lack of change.  Things have happened at the perfect time and I have managed to achieve exactly what I wanted.

How did I do it?

My belief is that the power of goal setting, intention and trust can lead to manifestation.  You need to be really clear of what you want.

I was going to be most nights and visualising my life on the Gold Coast.  I wasn’t obsessing but by inserting myself into that life visually I believe that the Universe ran with that and delivered what I asked for.

Is manifestation easy?

For me, I would say no!  I put a lot of work and energy into making this happen. However, it really could be easy.  If I had just trusted a bit more I would have enjoyed the process.  When the trust goes that’s when we let in the negative energy such as frustration, overwhelm, sadness, stress etc.

Remember that the Universe is on your side.  Even when it doesn’t feel like it.  

My new motto ‘I am exactly where I am meant to be right now’.  I’ve even stopped looking for the reasons.  Just go with it and experience the magic.

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