Decision Making Tarot Spread

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Decision Making Tarot Spread


Do you ever feel stuck and unsure which path to take?  We all do, right?  It’s very normal.

When we are completely tuned in to our intuition and inner-wisdom we can find it easier to make decisions.  However, it’s a work in progress!

The great news is that the tarot can help guide us towards our true potential.

Fork in the Road

We will come up against a number of forks in the road in our lives.  Maybe it’s a choice between partners, perhaps you have 2 job offers or maybe you just don’t know whether to stay or go.

This tarot spread gets right to the heart of the matter and will help guide you along the right path.

I do have to remind you that you are the one in the driving seat and need to take responsibility.  The tarot is there to guide you but it won’t and shouldn’t be making the decisions for you.

Decision Making Tarot Spread

This spread is very simple and is laid out as follows:

If you have more than 2 options you can add more cards.  This is kind of like making a pros and cons list but the tarot will give you an overall view of the pros and an overall view of the cons.

Demonstration Reading

As always, I like to give you video instructions on each of my spreads so you can learn how to do this spread for yourself.

You will see the full instructions and a sample reading here….

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  1. I’m a bit new to tarot and usually readings and my intuition have been working out quite well however with this spread it’s been difficult.

    Choice A
    Pro: The Star Reversed
    Con: IX Wands Reversed

    Choice B
    Pro: V Wands Reversed
    Con: VIII Cups

    Advice: VIII Wands Reversed

    I’m having trouble with reversals in the “pro”/positive placements of this spread. Usually I interpret reversals as a blockage or something to be worked on. So for example if the star is usually associated with hope, How is it a pro to need more of it/work on being hopeful?

    I hope all of this made some sense. Cheers.

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