6 Ways to Integrate Tarot with your Everyday Life

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How To Integrate Tarot with your Everyday Life

Over the years tarot has become such a huge part of my everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely view tarot as a tool that I can utilise rather than tarot controlling me.  If I don’t have my cards with my on holiday or for a few days, I’m totally fine with that.

People use tarot is so many different ways.  One of my goals is to see tarot in the mainstream and integrated into our everyday lives.

My dream is to one day see tarot used in the boardroom or in team meetings to help us all understand why certain things are happening.  That is probably a long way off but you never know, stranger things have happened (after all Donald Trump is the leader of the free world!!!)

I would love to hear how you integrate tarot with your daily life.  I’ve listed 6 simple ways to use tarot in everyday life below.

Draw a Card in the Morning

This is one of the most common. As well as being extremely powerful it can also be great for building your relationship with that cards.

Simply pull a card in the morning and ask “what do I need to know about today?”  It’s always a great idea to write down your thoughts on the card so you can reflect on this later.  I’ve actually included a free template, at the end of this post, to help you with all the methods listed.

Have a look at that card and what you have written at the end of the day to help you make sense of everything that has unfolded throughout the day.

If you don’t own a deck you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram.  I draw 2 cards every day and post a thought for the day.

Draw a Card in the Evening

You may want to ask your own question about a specific situation that happened to you but a general question could be ‘what should be my biggest lesson from the day that has just gone?’.  Sometimes this can help us truly find the meaning of everything that has happened.

Searching for Growth

I’m always looking for ways that I can grow on a spiritual, physical, emotional and material level.  If I can find a way to take myself forward I will give it a red hot go.

One question that you can ask the tarot is ‘what growth opportunities are available to me right now?’.

Using a Tarot App

Golden Thread Tarot

You may not be somebody who likes get their cards out every day or maybe you don’t even own a deck.  There is an alternative.  There are a number of great tarot apps but the one that I would recommend is the Golden Thread Tarot App.

This app basically draws a random card for you each day and gives a lovely concise meaning to help you understand the card.  You can read my full review of this app here.

Which Court Card You Should Become

There are 16 court cards in the deck and this ties in nicely with 16 different personality types.  I’ve written a previous post about this where you can actually find out which court card represents your personality type.  You can read the post and do the test here.

My belief is that we have all 16 different personalities in us but some are more dominant.  Certain situations can draw out a personality trait at a certain time.  I know that I have some triggers which can drive my behaviour.

Why not ask the tarot which court card you should channel for the day ahead?  You can separate the court cards from the rest of the deck but the way that I do this is shuffle the cards whilst focusing on the question.  I then turn over the top card and keep going until I get to a court card.

In the download, at the end of this post, I’ve written a very brief description of each court card to let you know which personality traits you should let rise to the surface if you choose that card.


I’m a huge fan of meditation.  I’m not super disciplined but I do understand and appreciate the benefits of just taking some time to reboot.

This is similar to your card for the day but instead of journalling I just want you to focus on the card and spend a few minutes thinking about that card.

You don’t have to be sitting cross-legged with wind chimes in the background.  Simply get yourself into a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths.  Draw a card and just stare at it for a few minutes.  Have a think about what’s going on in the picture.  How does it make you feel?  Are you noticing anything new in the card?  What type of energy does the card bring up?

Let your eyes close and just keep thinking about that card.  If you find your mind wandering just head back to the card and imagine what is happening in the scene depicted on the card.

You can do this for 2 minutes or 10 minutes. It’s really up to you.

Maybe you want to try the High Priestess guided meditation that I have put together.  I’ll include a link in the free download.

I hope that you find these ways of integrating tarot into your everyday life useful. Give them a go and see what works best for you.

Don’t forget you can get your free template to get you started by clicking below…





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