How To Create Your Own Custom Tarot Spread

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Custom Tarot Spread: How To Guide

I’m a huge fan of designing my own custom tarot spread. If you follow me you will know that I do this all the time.  In fact, I love creating spreads so much that I have a free ‘book of tarot spreads’ that you can download here….

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I do like working with the classics such as The Horseshoe and The Celtic Cross but it’s quite rare for me to do a reading without doing a custom spread at some point.

Using your own spread can be great for getting specific answers to a question.

How You Could Use A Custom Tarot Spread

An examples could be that the querent tells you that they are having trouble with a family member. I like to get specific.  I would ask which family member it is and what the problem is. Let’s just say communication has broken down and they had a fall out over money. This could also be affecting other areas of their life so I would want to dig around and get as much information as possible.

I always change things up, depending on the situation, but I would probably do a spread along the following lines:

1. Current situation between you and your sister.
2. How she truly feels about you
3. How you truly feel about her.
4. What is the root of the issue?
5. What other areas of your life could this be affecting?
6. What would be the best course of action for you?
7 What should you avoid doing?
8. What will the result of this action be? or What’s the potential outcome?

You can choose whatever pattern works for you.  I usually end up with some time of triangle or with a circle and the outcome being in the middle.  Just think what feels right for you and appropriate for the question.

You can see from this that we are going to get some really deep and specific information.

Here are some cards that I drew for this reading. I’ve started at the top and worked my way down, from left to right.

You can listen to a brief overview of my interpretation here –

Keep It Simple

Please don’t think that a custom spread has to be really complicated. I am a big fan of keeping it simple so I will often do 3 or 4 cards spreads to get a detailed answer.

Maybe the querent is asking “what’s going to happen with my career?” Again I would try to get some specifics and maybe put a bit of a time frame on it. Let’s suppose we were to ask what’s going to happen with the career in the next 12 months.

The spread I would do would look something like this…

1. What’s is their potential?
2. What do they have to focus on the reach that potential?
3. What obstacles could stand in the way?
4. What is the best way to avoid those obstacles?

Classic Tarot Spreads vs Custom Tarot Spreads

So many people get stuck on the classic tarot spreads but I would encourage you to give it a go. There is absolutely a place for both.

Working with custom spreads has really taken my reading to the next level and I love getting specific answers to pass on to the querent.

What Positions Can You Include In A Custom Tarot Spread?

Here are a few ideas of ‘positions’ that can be included.

Current situation
What action should be taken
Result of that action
What is not being shown
What will be the biggest obstacle
How to overcome that obstacle.
Where am I headed
What will the result be if I take the recommended action
What other influences should I consider
Is there anything else I should be aware of
Who can help me with this?
What is the potential of this situation
What are the blessings
What should I be grateful for right now

As well as using custom tarot spread for actual questions, I have also designed spreads to get specific answers and to help with guidance in life….

Find your calling using tarot

Manifest your dream

It’s time to get creative and give it a go.



  1. Great article David! This information is so relevant! There is hardly a time when I get a question from a client that fits perfectly into a Celtic Cross or Horseshoe. Customizing is really the best way to get to the heart of the question by breaking it up into “bite size” pieces. You have given me some great ideas and guidelines here! I also appreciate your mix of learning tools- visual and audible, plus prompts to help one pick up their cards and start practicing. I really enjoy your articles. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Thanks Dawn. I like to mix it up to keep it interesting for me too. So pleased that the info is helping.

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