Cruise ships and markets and massage, oh my!

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OK. So I don’t know if anybody will get my bizarre Wizard of Oz reference but I thought it was fun.

It’s been go go go at Tarot Avenue Towers and I have to say I am loving it.  It’s been a very busy week with the website launch and Facebook page but all going well so far *as he hunts for a piece of wood to touch*.

The way that I do tarot means that a lot of my time is spent in front of the computer, as I do most of my readings via email or Skype.  I decided it was time to mix it up as I wanted to be sure that my face to face skills stayed on point and I also really enjoy connecting with people on a personal level.

Cruise Ships


Beautiful Devonport

Over Christmas and New Year I was very fortunate to be going on a 13 night cruise around New Zealand the South Pacific islands.  There were quite a few days at sea so I thought it would be a great opportunity to have some fun with the guests on board and offer free short tarot readings.  I connected with a few people, via Facebook, prior to the cruise so I knew that there was some interest but I had no idea how it would be received.  The word spread around the ship and it turned out to be very popular.  I met some really great people and even better I got to help them find the answers to their problems.  Here is a pic of me contemplating life and enjoying the view in Auckland!


I had so much fun doing the readings on my cruise that I decided that I wanted to incorporate more face to face work.  I started looking at markets around Sydney but it was proving to be quite difficult as it’s actually really competitive and they usually have a limit to one tarot reader per market.  However, on Thursday I got an email from the Rozelle Collector’s Market saying that I had been approved and they would love to have me there on Saturday (today).  It was all hands on deck to get things organised in time and I have to give a shout20160130_095933 out to my long suffering partner who ran from pillar to post on Friday to ensure that I had everything I needed.  It did all come together and I had a fantastic time. I met some really great clients and people were so welcoming.  The readings were varied from general ‘where is my life headed’  to some really challenging and life changing decisions that people had to make.  I feel very lucky that people were so open with me and I think together we did some great work.  It was also great that I had so many friends pop by to support me and say hello. I’m going to make the market my new home so you will be able to find me there most Saturdays.  I’ll always update my Facebook page to let you know if I’m going to be there.

Oh My!

IMG_3161Being my first market experience what really surprised me was how lovely the other stallholders were.  There was a really upbeat community feel.  I hadn’t been there for very long when Greg, who was doing massage at the market, came up and offered to do a massage for me in return for a reading.  I say massage but Greg specialises in Chinese Medicine (massage and acupuncture) so I would say that it was more of a healing.  He took my pulse at the beginning of the treatment then totally honed in what needed to be done.  He was honestly brilliant and it was so lovely and nourishing to have this treatment at the end of a day of reading.  If you want to find out more about Greg and his wonderful work just click here or you can always find him at the market on a Saturday (you won’t regret it).

As you can see it’s been very busy times but all very exciting and I’m delighted to take you all on this journey with me.  Now it’s back to my tarot sanctuary at home where I am writing this as a spectacular storm rolls across Sydney.


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