Life Check-in Tarot Spread

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Life Check-in Tarot Spread

One of the things that I love about tarot, and there are many, is that it can really raise our level of self-awareness or mindfulness. This life check-in tarot spread is designed to help you upgrade every area of your life. Once we get into a more self-aware space we can really make magic happen in our lives.

This spread is designed to give you a really good overview of where you are in various aspects of your life and it can also show you any red flags that need to be addressed.

Time to Check In?

We can be guilty of just being a passenger in our own lives.  Unless we raise our level of awareness we won’t fully understand what it is that we need to do to reach our potential.

This spread will give you an indication of where you are in each area of your life and it will also give you some clues about what you need to do to improve each area.

The Spread

This is a 5 card spread that is laid out as follows:

As you will see this spread covers a wide variety of different areas of your life.

This is an opportunity for you to switch these and customise to your liking.  Maybe you want to focus on different areas for career, perhaps you want to know more about your kids – this really is up to you.

You want to start by paying attention to the overall spread.  Are there a lot of court cards?  How about major arcana?  Are the values low or high?  Are there any suits missing or an abundance of one suit?

Once you have this info you can start to delve deeper into each card.

As always, I like you give you a demonstration of each spread as I feel that this makes is much easier to get a grip on how you can use this for yourself.

There is a full video demonstration here:

I hope that you enjoyed this tarot spread. Remember that you have the opportunity to download my free book of tarot spreads which has a bunch of my favourite spreads that I would like to share with you.

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