Chakra Tarot Spread: How To Balance And Unblock Your Chakras Using Tarot

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Chakra Tarot Spread

The further I delve into the wonderful world of tarot the more I learn about myself.  This has been a magical ride for me and I can absolutely say that since starting my tarot journey I have become a better version of myself.

I am constantly learning and the growth that I have experienced has been phenomenal.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn but my intention has always been to share every step of my experience with you and hopefully inspire you to dive further into your own tarot studies.

The concept of chakras is not new to me as I have been practicing yoga for a while.  Studying tarot has really helped me understand energies and working with more and more clients has shown me that there can be blockages that need to be released.  In this post, I explore how we can use the tarot to help release those blockages by bringing awareness to the problem area.

Let’s first take a look at the different chakras and what they relate to.

Chakra Tarot Spread

Meet The Chakras

1. Root Chakra – Our foundation and ability to stay grounded.  This can be linked to stability and a sense of being safe and secure

2. Sacral Chakra – Pleasure, abundance, creativity, and sexuality.  This chakra can be linked with our ability to emotionally connect with others, freedom to enjoy life’s pleasures and our ability to let our creative juices flow.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Confidence, control, self-esteem and action.  This chakra, when clear and balanced, influences our ability to move forward in life with confidence and self-esteem.  This chakra is very much linked to our inner power and strength.

4. Heart Chakra – Love, compassion, inner peace and forgiveness.  The power to open our heart and experience joy through forming healthy relationships.

5. Throat Chakra – Communication, finding our voice.  This chakra influences our ability to communicate effectively with others. It can also be about ‘finding your voice’ and your truth.

6. Third Eye Chakra – Intuition, sixth sense and inner wisdom.  This chakra helps us get in touch with our intuition and self-awareness. It is linked to the ability to confidently make decisions and helps us open our mind to new possibilities.

7. Crown Chakra – Spirituality, bliss and peace.  This chakra is linked to our spirituality.  It can influence us to find peace and bliss in any situation in life.

Chakra & Tarot Check-in

This is a really simple way to identify and deal with any blockages or imbalances.

Simply draw a card for each chakra to get a feel for how balanced they are and to see if there are any obvious blockages.

You want to give the cards a really good shuffle whilst thinking about each of your chakras.  I would always start from the root and lay the cards out up to the crown chakra.

When you have pulled the cards have a look at any obvious blockages.  You also want to get an overall feeling the chakras are balanced and that there is a harmony between the cards.  If anything jumps out at you then this is the area you need to work on.

How To Work On a Problem Area

There are a number of techniques available to you.  Meditation, yoga or healing would be excellent choices but I want to explore how we can use tarot to help us get a deeper understand of what is causing the problem.

The card that you have pulled in each chakra position will give you your first clue.  Have a look at that card and ask yourself how it relates to the chakra and to you.

I would then draw 3 cards (for each of the problem chakras) to get a deeper understanding of what is going on.

1. What is the current situation/what’s causing the blockage?
2. What action do I need to take to bring balance to that chakra?
3. What will the result be?


Chakra Tarot SpreadI drew 7 cards using The Fountain Tarot to check in on my chakras.

Overall it looks pretty good to me, with the exception of the Throat Chakra.  I’ll quickly run through each of them so you can and an idea of how they could be interpreted.

1. Root – 4 of Wands – Given that this card is about security and stability I’m pretty happy.  4s are all about being stable and it’s a pretty solid card.  It says to me that my community will keep me grounded but when we work together we can all achieve something quite magical.

2. Sacral – Knight of Swords – This is telling me to keep moving forward.  It’s a card about action and it would say to me that I am on the right track.  Being about pleasure and enjoyment it tells me that I find pleasure in taking action and maybe even enjoy the battle/hustle.

3. Solar Plexus – 8 of Coins/Pentacles – Ohhh. It’s looking like I have the final piece of the puzzle in my hand that can lead to confidence and self-esteem.  I just need to stay focused and stay on task and I will enjoy the rewards.

4. Heart Chakra – 7 of Coins/Pentacles – There maybe a little warning in here for me that I need to open myself up a little bit.  It’s a card that looks very focused on the task and it looks very nurturing. However, he is alone and perhaps missing out on new experiences.  This does resonate with me as I have been very focused on my tarot business and not invested as much time in my relationships.  I’ll take heed!

5. Throat Chakra – Eight of Swords – You see how literal the tarot cards can be!  Look at all of those swords that are directed at the throat!  This is the one that is ‘off’ for me.  It would say to me that I need to find my own voice or perhaps that there is something that I am not saying.  Am I holding back?  Is there something that needs to be shared?  Let’s look at this in more detail in a second.

6. Third Eye Chakra – 3 of Cups – I’m going back to getting told that I need to invest more time in my friendships and relationships.  I have an ability to bring people together and I shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate my successes with others.  3s are about growth so perhaps I need to do some further work on my intuition and maybe I need some external help or a community to help me develop that area.

7. Crown Chakra – The Lovers – There is something very apt about this card.  It fits in very well with the crown chakra as the card almost looks like they are on a different plane.  There is a reminder here that I am not in this alone and that my spiritual journey is leading me to a place of love and enlightenment.

Going Deeper

Let’s now look at that throat chakra and see if we can get some further detail:

Chakra Tarot Spread1. What is the current situation/what’s causing the blockage?

Ace of Cups.  I’m going to call this bright shiny thing syndrome. It could be that I keep getting distracted by new things.  It’s all coming from a place of love and excitement but perhaps there needs to be more focus.  Perhaps I am influenced too much by some of the people I look up to and need to find my own voice.

To be very honest this has been something on my mind whilst growing my business.  I want to be very careful not to be a ‘copy’ of somebody else and want to find my own way.  There is a fine line between being influenced by somebody and copying them.

Perhaps me even saying this is part of the healing process for this chakra?

2. What action do I need to take to bring balance to that chakra?

King of Coins/Pentacles – I always see this guy as a smart business man.  He is very grounded and very successful.  I’m interpreting this that I could perhaps seek advice.  Maybe it’s time for me to get a business mentor who can help guide me in the right direction.  Maybe I just need to channel my own inner King of Pentacles and stay incredibly grounded.

3. What will the result be?

9 of Coins/Pentacles – I love this card.  For me, it speaks of freedom.  This is somebody who is in control and living an abundant life but doing so their own way.  They are very stable and secure but playing by their own rules.

In business, this would be my goal card and perfectly represents where I want to end up.

So there we have it.  A journey through the chakras and a sneak peek into my soul as we got there 🙂

Have fun with this spread and feel free to share your results in the comments below.  I would love to hear how it works out for you.


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  2. Do I reshuffle the cards before pulling the 3? Do you place the original 7 back in the deck? Thank you

    1. Author

      There’s actually no right or wrong. Personally I would not reshuffle or place the cards back in the deck but it would be fine to do that.

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