Dealing with a Break-up Tarot Spread

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Dealing with a Break-up Tarot Spread

I want to introduce you to my break-up tarot spread. One of the great privileges of being a professional tarot reader is the trust that you get from your clients.  I never take this for granted as I know how difficult it can be for people to trust.

Our lives are cyclical so we all know that we will experience highs and lows.  As a tarot reader, we almost ride the waves with our clients as we get to experience people finding love, landing dream jobs and manifesting their dreams.  On the flip-side we also see people who are grieving, struggling financially or dealing with a break-up.

Tarot is there as a support for every one of these life moments and so many more.  Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance and support during the tougher times to help us through.

Break-Up Tarot Spread

When dealing with a break-up we have to be careful that the pain doesn’t consume us.  We need to think about what we can learn and how we move forward.

I put this spread together to get as much insight as possible and so we can even use this experience as an opportunity to grow.

You can see that this tarot spread can really help you pick up the pieces.

I always find it useful to have action points.  Before we get to the action we need to understand why this has happened and hopefully get some perspective.

The spread can help you find that balance between mind, soul and heart.  These cards will help you find the true key to happiness and potential.

Where to from here?

It’s incredibly important to stay grounded during these tougher moments of our life.  Card 8 will give you some clues into what will ground you.

The last card will show us where to go from here.  Remember that recovering from a break-up can be a slow process and you need to allow time to heal.  It’s not a magic outcome but more a work in progress.

Just take one step at a time and you will find that you are running again in no time at all.

You can see a full demonstration of this reading right here…

I’m hoping that you never have to use this tarot spread but it’s a very good one to keep in your ‘toolkit’ as you never know when a client will need your guidance and support.



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