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Happy Australia Day one and all.  I feel very privileged to call Australia home and I was very honoured to become an Australian Citizen this time last year.  I’ll never forget my Scottish roots but how lucky am I getting to identify with 2 amazing countries??

This year I thought it would be fun to do a custom spread based on the stars in the Australian flag and what better time to do it.  I didn’t really have a question in mind but just wanted to see what was in store for us all in Australia.

Happy Australia Day!-2What came through loud and clear for me is that it was all about the economy but the great news is that there is hope. Yippee!  I’ll go through the spread and tell you what I see as being important lessons.

When I look at the current situation I can see that this is indeed an “exciting time to be Australian”.  There are definitely opportunities for us but we need to be careful to really draw on our experience and knowledge from the past to be sure that we can manifest the future we want.  Our politicians also need to get themselves in line and deliver facts rather than trying to be showmen.

The head space shows that the economy is indeed weighing heavily on our minds.  It looks to me that we are going back to basics and almost taking a new approach.  There are indeed lessons to be learned but we are logically working through them and to me this card looks encouraging as it’s about being grounded and looking at financial issues with a fresh perspective.

Past events show that times have been tough and we have been through the mill.  People who were well off were all of a sudden left out in the cold and struggling.  I do take heart with this card that even through the tough times we have managed to stay together and not lose our sense of self or compassion for each other.

The heart of the matter shows that we have to be fiscally sensible. It’s not a time to be spending all our money (a different view to my politics but I’m letting the cards speak). We need to really take control and get ourselves back in a stable position before we can move forward and flourish.

Woohoo – the sun is shining in the future! This looks like a great future card to me. The sun will literally be shining in Australia and we can find reason to celebrate again. A few things that jump out to me……there could be a need to focus on agriculture as you will see this card is all about crops and wildlife.  It’s interesting that this card comes up on Australia Day. Many of you will know that Australia has a bit of a questionable past when it comes to how we have treated the indigenous population. The symbol for the Aboriginal flag is the sun so there could well be a message here that there is a turning point when it comes to reconcilliation. The other thing that I always think when I see this card is – let’s remember to have fun!  For those who know tarot, The Sun card comes near the end of The Fool’s journey.  He has been through the ups and downs of life but can still find his childish sense of fun, even though some of the innocence has gone.  Aussies are known for their ‘no worries’ attitude so it’s important that we don’t lose that even though times have been challenging.

The root of the issue shows me that this is a transitional period.  We are being guided through the choppy waters and seeking much smoother seas.  Again there is a sense of feeling that we need to be sure to look after each other and almost trust that we are heading in the right direction.

Overall this spread looks really positive for me and it’s all heading forward.  I can’t really put a time on things through tarot but it looks to me that it’s going to be a bit of a path. I do get the feeling that we are out of the worst of the economic troubles but also feel that we could be stuck for a little while.  The cards would suggest that our politicians are taking the right approach and we somehow have to put our faith in them (not an easy feat if you know anything about Australian politics!).

Whatever you are doing on Australia Day I hope you have a fantastic day. Get out and enjoy the sun, crack open a tinny and enjoy our ‘no worries’ culture.







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