Audio Tarot Reading: How To Record And Send Easily

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Record/Send Audio Reading Using GarageBand and

There are many different ways to do an online tarot reading.  In this post, I want to give you a step by step guide to how you can record then send an audio tarot reading.

I have included a video tutorial showing you every step of the process, at the end of this post.

When I first started reading tarot online I would pull my spreads then type up my interpretation of the reading in Word.  I know loads of tarot readers who do this who are perfectly happy with this method.  Me, on the other hand, found the process really draining.  I absolutely love reading tarot and diving into the meaning of the reading but the typing up of what I was seeing was a real pain point for me.  I’m definitely somebody who prefers talking to writing and as you can probably tell from some of my posts……editing and proofreading!!!!

To make my life easier, I started to look for a method that was more suitable for me.  Recording the reading seemed like a great option for me but I was struggling to work out the technology side of this.  The files were really big to email and they were taking up a lot of space on my computer.

I have had really positive feedback since switching to audio readings so it’s something I would encourage you to try and see if it works for you.   A lot of people say it’s like having somebody there in the room and it really brings the reading to life as they can pick up on my personality and inflection at different times.

Soundcloud was the first platform I used but you were restricted to 3 hours of saved readings at a time, which was becoming difficult for me.   Anyway, I found a new system and I am totally loving it.  The platform is it’s totally free, easy to use and unrestricted.

This might seem a bit overwhelming to those who are currently typing up their readings but I have broken it down to a step by step guide so you can see how I run the process.

I should say right off the bat that I use a mac and will be using this to demonstrate.  This can also be done on a PC but there will be some differences.

Getting Ready For The Reading

Before I start, I look at the question/s that have been asked of me and I then decide which spreads I will use to best answer them.  I then draw the spreads and take photographs of them , on my phone, so that I can pass on to the querent, who can then follow along whilst listening to the recording.  I  transfer those pictures to my computer and have them open on the screen during my reading.

Starting The Recording

There are 2 ways of doing this.  I’m going to talk you through the method I use first, which is a bit more long-winded but more reliable.

Rode SmartLavYou can record using the built-in mic on your computer, and there is nothing wrong with this at all.  I use a little Rode smartLav mic, which was not very expensive.    You can buy it on Amazon here. The sound quality is very good and just makes it that little bit more professional.

Open GarageBand (mac only)  click File up the top of the screen, click new thenclick voice recording.

You are taken straight to the garage band programme and you are ready to record.   The reason I use Garage Band rather than recording straight to is that you can pause and edit if you need to.  If you get to the end of a 40 minute reading on and realise that you have made a mistake or the dog starts barking there is no editing.

You just hit the red record button up the top and you are ready to rumble. The video at the end of this post that will show you how to do this.  I’ve also put in a few extra bits like how to edit and how to upload to iTunes.

Uploading To Itunes

So now that you have your recording we need to get it over to  I’ve found the easiest way to do this is go to the GarageBand menu up the top and click share.  You then want to click ‘song to iTunes’.

GarageBand will do its thing and it will transfer the song to your iTunes.

Uploading to

This is the easy bit.  Once you have signed into your account just click upload.  You then drag the song from your iTunes to the box and it will start uploading.

IMPORTANT: This next bit is crucial, especially if you are sending a tarot reading.  In the basic tab, I usually call it ‘Reading for xxx’  Before you save you must click on the ADVANCED tab.  In this tab tick the box that says Private this means that nobody else can access the track.  You should also click the download button to on so the person can download the reading if they wish to.

Copy the URL that is in the box (after you have clicked private) and this is the link you will send the querent who will be able to listen to the reading.

Easier Version

If the whole recording to iTunes thing fills you with dread there is an easier version.

Go to and make sure that you are either using Firefox or Chrome browser.

Scroll right to the bottom of their page and click on ‘recorder’.  You can now record straight to and it cuts out all those other steps.

As I say this is easier but there is no editing and if it crashes you will lose everything.    I like to use the GarageBand/Itunes options as it’s just a bit safer and I feel like I have a bit more control.

Final Step

My final step is to send the link along with the photos to the querent.  Don’t forget to tell them that they have the option to download the reading, should they wish to refer to it at a later date.


What?? I hear you say….it can get even easier???  I should probably have started with this as it is the easiest option.  Just download the app to your phone and you can record directly to your phone.

The only drawback I see with this is that there is no option to make it private.  However, the workaround it to upload it then head straight to your computer.  Log in to your account and hit edit.  You can then make the track private.

I hope that this will make you life easier.  I have to say when I type it all out it does look complicated but trust me it has saved me a lot of time and my clients love it.

The video below will give you a step by step tutorial how to do this for yourself.



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