Art History for Past Lives – Deck Review

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I was very luck to receive the Art History for Past Lives deck to review from Red Orchid Publishing

It's clear that Melanny and her team have put a lot of work into this deck and I wanted to share it with you.

Melanny saw my tarot spread for past lives and thought I would be interested to give her deck a go.

About the Deck

This deck is made up of images from art history.  There are some beautiful scenes and you also get lots of information about the artist and the art.  I really like this as I feel that it expands my knowledge on many levels.

The cards are used to give an insight into your past life or lives.  However, you can also use this as a traditional tarot deck.

Here are some of the images from the deck.

The Bundle

You can buy this deck in a bundle and I think it's very good value.  It comes with a pouch, a book explaining the meanings of the cards (in a past life and traditional sense) as well as about the art.  The real bonus is the workbook.  It's filled with rich exercises and tarot spreads. It's designed as a 21 day journal to help you understand yourself.

You can see more about the deck and hear my full take on it in this video:

Overall, this is a really interesting deck and a great value bundle. The workbook itself is worth the money. 

It would be great for those who have a love or art or want to learn more about art as well as those who want to learn more about their history and how it affects their current life.


  1. Thank you for that review, David. I’ve always been intrigued by new and innovative types of tarot decks. In an amateur visual assist, so this deck realky appeals to me.

    Anything different has my attention.

    The only thing not mentioned was where can a person can purchase this package?

    Is it by private sales, or on Amazon, any support shops? I live in Canada. Is it available here? If so, where?

    Thank you again,

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