Are Tarot Cards Evil?

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Are Tarot Cards Evil?  Absolutely Not!

It’s almost laughable but you would be surprised by the number of people who think tarot cards are evil.  This is actually a serious problem for some tarot readers who are from religious families or live in conservative towns.

I want to give my view on this and hopefully dispel some of the myths along the way.

What are tarot cards?

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards – 22 major arcana cards and  56 minor arcana and court cards.  Let’s keep it real here…..they are cardboard with beautiful images printed on them!  There are opposing views I believe that the real magic comes from the tarot reader rather than the cards.

Where it all started

Tarot actually started as a card game and the first deck was produced in the mid-15th Century.  It was only in the late 18th Century that cards started to be used for divination.

What is divination?

The definition of divination is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means”

OK, when you read this it does start to get a bit woo woo.

My approach

I do use the cards for divination but I also am a firm believer that we all control our destiny.  There are so many moving pieces and we have so much free will that there is no way you can say exactly what is going to happen.  You can certainly see the path you are on and the potential outcome depending on which course of action you take but we don’t have a set future.

I rely on intuition to deliver information that will help my client reach their full potential in that particular area in their life.


Tarot Reader Evil

Hollywood has a lot to answer for when it comes to tarot reading.  If you think of any tarot reader in a movie you probably think of the death card or a very dark and mysterious room.  It’s rarely a positive or empowering situation!

This is what tarot reading looks like to me….

Quite normal right?

Symbolism in the cards

Once you start to delve into the cards you will see that there is actually quite a bit of symbolism in there referencing many different religions including Christianity, Judaism, Paganism and many more.

This is one of the things that I love about tarot.  I do believe that it’s accessible to everybody, no matter what your religion, race or background is.  You just need to find the symbols that are relevant and mean something to you so you can make a connection with the cards.

Examples of how I use tarot

You will see from the following examples that I often stay far away from the woo-woo and like to focus on the practical.  These are different ways that I have used tarot for empowerment….

How to boost your confidence.

How to find your calling

How to handle grief

Final thoughts

I just don’t see how helping somebody with these things can be considered evil.  I totally respect different points of view but I and extremely confident that when I am tarot reading I am not tapping into anything dark.  If fact, the only things that I am tapping into are my intuition and the divine.

Hopefully , this will help dispel some of the myths that are out there.  Please share this post on social media if you agree and help spread some positive news about tarot.

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  1. I agree with you and it’s good to see somebody put that thought out there, well done you! I know many readers, (including myself on occasions) and in the main they are lovely kind hearted people. They read for those who request them to do so and try and help, not frighten them. Sadly apart from films, tv and books certain religions are against readings and the like and cause the fear in people, it is their way of controlling the masses and keeping the congregations which in turn also financially support the religion.

    1. Author

      I totally agree with you. Every tarot reader I know has good intentions.

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