April 2016 Tarotscope

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I’ve pulled a tarot card for each star sign to highlight what could be in store for us over the next month.  Feel free to share your experiences below if this connects with what you are going through.

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Capricorn – Dec 22 – Jan 19
9 of Pentacles – reversed

IMG_3590Ohhhh – it’s a great card but the fact that it’s reversed takes some of the power out.  When this card is upright we see a strong independent person who is completely in control of their finances but most important is that they are very comfortable in their position and have a great balance in their life.  With this card being reversed it could show that there are some blockages to you getting to where you need to be financially.  It could well be that you will have a month of working hard and not getting the financial reward that you deserve.  There is definitely for potential for you to live and abundant life but there needs to be a mental shift.  Try to focus on what you are grateful for and what is working for you in an effort to attract more of that to your life. If you keep focussing on what’s not working then that’s what will continue to happen.

Aquarius – Jan 20 – Feb 18
Wheel of Fortune – reversed

IMG_3591The wheel is spinning and karma is in play.  The opportunity is there for good luck to come knocking but you need to be watch for the signs and be ready to receive this when it comes.  When this card is upright we can expect good news as the universe really wants to deliver something special.  When this card is reversed it can just be a sign that it will take a bit longer for this to head out way but it can also show that you may potentially miss the news.  Watch out for those signs and be sure to take every opportunity that comes your way as you never know where it may lead for you!

Pisces – Feb 19 – Mar 20
Knight of Pentaces – reversed

IMG_3592During this month you could well feel a bit stuck.  The Knight of Pentacles is the slowest moving of the Knights – this is not a bad thing as he is usually just about taking things slow and steady.  He usually relates to business, career or money.  With him being reversed there is a danger that you are taking it too slow and if anything might end up actually going backwards!  There is potential for you to be stuck or maybe you need to get yourself off of the sofa and into action!  It’s going to be very tempting to just plan your next move and not actually do anything.  You need to focus on what you want to achieve this month then start taking one step at a time to get there.  As soon as you start on your journey things will open up for you.

Aries – Mar 21 – Apr 19
The Hermit

IMG_3593I always think of The Hermit as a great teacher or mentor.  He usually shows up for me when there are important lessons to be learned.  It’s a time to do some self-reflecting.  You already know the answers but you need to allow the space to look within and let them flow.  Don’t be afraid to spend some time on your own this month and maybe it could even be a good time to get into mediation.  I always like to look where he is shining his light and in this case he is looking to the past.  It’s not good to rake over the past but do take the time to understand if there are any lessons that you need to learn to help you move forward and reach your full potential.  It’s also a great month for you to do some planning for travel.  I can see this card being a great adventurer who is learning from travel and other cultures.

Taurus – Apr 20 – May 20
2 of Swords

IMG_3594Decisions, decisions, decisions!  There are some choices to be made this month.  Last month there was a new love or passion coming into your life so now it’s time to act of that.  You could have discovered something new but it now means that you have a couple of paths that you could follow.  Be careful not to be paralysed by decision making.  Try to take off the blinkers, stop burying your head in the sand and actually start moving forward.  You are not really feeling yourself at the moment but as soon as you  decide which path to take you will find your sense of fun again.

Gemini – May 21 – Jun 20

IMG_3595You had some tough decision to make last month but having done that you are in a much better place.  Life is feeling much more balanced this month.  It’s a good month for collaboration as wherever you go you bring a sense of peace, balance and harmony.  It’s also a good month to be dipping your toe in the water of new projects.  The only warning I have for you this month is not to overdo it, especially when it comes to alcohol

Cancer – Jun 21 – Jul 22
6 of Pentacles

IMG_3596This is a great month for you to give back.  I feel that you benefitted from somebody else’s help and advice last month and now it’s your chance to pay it forward.  It’s a really good time for you to focus on what you are grateful for in your life and share your successes with others.  It’s not necessarily about giving money to others but can be time, advice or even just your positive thoughts/energy.  Be careful not to give too much of yourself.  It’s really important to keep the balance in your own life.  I always think of the aeroplane analogy of helping yourself before you can help others.  If you are thinking of doing some fundraising or something for charity then this is a great month to set the wheels in motion.

Leo – Jul 23 – Aug 22
Knight of Swords

IMG_3597That’s more like it!  Me and my fellow Leo’s faced a tough month last month having to face up to some home truths.  We had to do some soul searching and face some pretty confronting stuff.  The great news is that we are ready to move on and clearing out this clutter has made way for us to charge forward with gusto!  We have to be careful not to just act without thinking but we definitely have a renewed sense of energy.  We also have had a flash of inspiration and ready to run ahead with this new idea or way of doing something.  This is a great month to embark on a new venture as you definitely won’t run out of energy.  Just take the time to choose your path before rushing in.

Virgo – Aug 23 – Sep 22
King of Pentacles

IMG_3598My dearest Virgos, this is a great time for you to seeking advice from those in the know.  The King of Pentacles can often be a financial advisor or business man.  He is certainly wise and knows what he is talking about.  Be sure to seek proper advice before starting any business transaction.  Also a great month to seek out a mentor at work.  This card can also show that money and career are on your mind.  Last month you had the lovers reversed that  showed there was potential to meet a new person.  If that hasn’t happened just yet then look out for a King of Pentacles type.  He will be business focussed, maybe a bit stubborn but very well respected in his field.

Libra  – Sep 23 – Oct 22
3 of Pentacles – reversed

IMG_3599This is actually a really good month for collaboration and seeking advice and help from professionals.  However, this card is reversed which can suggest that there is going to be a bit of disharmony and lack of teamwork.  Be especially careful if you are about to embark on any building project.  Be sure to get a second opinion and please don’t try to DIY things that you are not qualified to do.  You were getting rid of some baggage and moving on last month but my fear is that you are charging ahead without really getting the proper advice.  There is definitely help at hand and you have good people around you so just be sure to ask for help when you need it and they will be there for you.

Scorpio – Oct 23 – Nov 21

IMG_3600It’s time for life’s big report card.  Great month for taking stock and looking at where you are in life so far.  Think about what’s working and what’s not working.  Focus on the what’s working part, be grateful for it then start to visualise what you really want to achieve from life.  Don’t hard on yourself or judge yourself.  You are probably going to go through some epiphany and start to approach life from a new angle.  Big stuff!  Last month you had the 8 of wands which was about things moving really fast.  Things will calm down this month which will give you to the time to evaluate where you are and what you want your goals to be.

Sagittarius – Nov 22 – Dec 21
Strength – reversed

IMG_3601Have confidence my lovely Sagittarius friends.  You definitely have to power to tame the beast but you just don’t have the belief that you can do it.  It could be a month of feeling overwhelmed and a feeling that you are losing your power.  This card really kind of ties in with what you had last month.  You have loads of ideas and passions about what you want to do but you just don’t have the confidence to jump ahead with it.  I feel that you are heading in the right direction but really need to take the bull by the horns and believe.  Dig deep, find that inner strength, take a deep breath and go for it!

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