How To Deal With Anxiety Issues In A Tarot Reading

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Anxiety:  Can Tarot Help?

Before I get into this post I want to be clear that I am a Tarot Reader.  I’m not a psychologist or health professional.  If anybody reading this is suffering from anxiety or depression I would firmly recommend that you speak to your GP or mental health professional.  There are a number of very effective treatments available to you.

Reading tarot gives me the opportunity to share in wonderful and exciting times in my client’s lives including new jobs, new relationships and I see many people embarking on spiritual journeys which lead them to more fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, all light leaves a shadow and I also help people through tough times including break-ups, redundancy, grief etc.

These situations can leave a person feeling anxious and sometimes depressed.  In this post, I wanted to look at how anxiety may present itself in a tarot reading.  I am very careful when dealing with sensitive topics like this as I know that saying the wrong thing could be a trigger for that particular person.

The truth is that many of us will suffer anxiety at some point in our lives and sometimes identifying the root of the issue can help us get control.  I would actually recommend this website as there are many resources and techniques to help you through these times –

As well as highlighting cards that could represent anxiety in a tarot reading I also chose cards which I see as the antidote.  If any of these cards for anxiety resonate with you I would suggest that you consciously pick the antidote card, spend some time with it and maybe even meditate whilst thinking about that card.  Hopefully, it will bring you some peace, hope, and calm.

Again I want to emphasise – if you are feeling that things are getting on top of your and you are not coping then please see a healthcare professional who will be able to help you.

9 of Swords – The Sun

photo-27-08-2016-18-12-59The Sun







This is one of the cards that stands out to me as suffering from anxiety, sleepless nights and stress.  What we have to remember is that the night is always darkest just before the dawn.  When you are in the middle of it, you may feel that this will never pass but anxiety and panic always passes.  Having the hope and confidence that it will pass can be one of the best coping mechanisms.  As the antidote, I have chosen The Sun.  Remember that life is cyclical and the sun will always rise.  Have faith that brighter times are coming again for you.

The Moon – Strength

The Moon - Rider Waitephoto-27-08-2016-18-06-13-1







The Moon casts a shadow over things and the light can be deceptive.  Obstacles can seem much bigger and scarier than they actually are.  When I see this card in a reading it can show that the client is feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start.  It can feel like there is a long journey ahead and that the obstacles will make it impossible.  This is when you need to face your fears, find your inner lion and start taking one step at a time on the journey.  Once you start to face those fears one at a time you will realise that things are much easier than you thought they would be.

The Tower – Ace Of Cups

The Towerphoto-27-08-2016-18-10-03







The Tower is one of the most feared cards in the deck.  What I always like to focus on is the fact that destruction and change can clear the way for opportunity.  We get quite comfortable in our lives but sometimes change can be good for us, even thought it is feared.   I came across a quote recently which said most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.  The Tower will certainly bring uncertainty and it may not be welcome but what you have to remember is that you have the chance to rebuild something that’s bigger and better.  I’ve chosen the Ace of Cups as the antidote.  Yes, you may feel like you are starting again but you have the ability to create a more fulfilling life which brings happiness.

8 of Cups – 6 of Swords








The 8 of Cups is about moving on and leaving emotional baggage behind.  It can actually be a very positive card but I often feel that there is a sadness about this card as the person is leaving what could have once been a very happy situation.  There is a sense of solitude and maybe loneliness and the feeling that things may not have turned out the way you expected them to.  I’ve chosen the 6 of Swords as the antidote.  For me, the 6 of Swords again represents moving on but it grants safe passage and shows that you are moving on to smoother waters.

Death – The Fool








Death is the ultimate ending.  It doesn’t necessarily mean physical death but is more about an ending, transition or transformation.  Similar to The Tower, we see that change can be confronting, uncomfortable and sometimes painful.  It’s all part of life’s cycle and unfortunately is inevitable.  I always focus on that lovely sun rising on the horizon in the background, which signifies hope.  As the antidote to the ultimate ending, I’ve chosen the ultimate beginning – The Fool!  The Fool is the very first card in the deck and is all about taking the leap into a new adventure.  We find that once the restraints of our old life have been lifted we can open ourselves up to new opportunities and new ways of doing things.  A personal experience of this would be when I emigrated from the UK to Australia.  It was very hard to leave friends and family behind but I had the opportunity to improve my life there was definitely a sense of freedom.

4 of Pentacles – 9 of Pentacles








The 4 of Pentacles doesn’t necessarily represent anxiety. However, it can show up if somebody is worried about money.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t have any money it means that there is a fear of parting with money, which can almost leave them paralysed and stuck.  The person is the card is very guarded and it looks like he is scared to move in case something happens to his wealth.  I chose the 9 of Pentacle to counteract this card.  The character in the card is very much in control of her money rather than letting the money control her.  There is a sense of freedom to her and you get the feeling that she is doing something that she loves and making money at the same time.

9 of Wands – King of Cups







The 9 of Wands can show up if somebody is feeling very guarded and perhaps even a bit paranoid.  It always shows up for me when somebody has been through the wars and has the scars to show.  Again there is a sense of putting up walls and not quite being able to let go of the past.  This could be a card that could show for PTSD or something similar.  I’ve listed the King of Cups as the antidote.  The King of Cups is somebody who is a great listener who has your best interests at heart.  He has the energy or a counsellor or somebody who you could open up to.  It’s all about sharing your experiences and getting the help you need so you can let down your guard and move on.

8 of Swords – The Chariot

photo-27-08-2016-18-12-49-1The Chariot - Rider Waite







The 8 of Swords shows a character who feels trapped and doesn’t quite know where to turn.  She can’t see where she is heading and feels stuck because of all of the obstacles around her.  You will see that she could easily free herself from those ties and could remove the blindfold so the path ahead would be clear.  What is takes is a bit of courage and action.  I’ve chosen The Chariot as this is all about taking action and moving forward.  Sometimes you need to have a clear plan of where you want to head then you just need to find the motivation to go for it.

5 of Cups – The Star

photo-27-08-2016-18-10-36The Star







The 5 of Cups can show up for me when somebody is suffering from grief or maybe even depression.  You can read my previous post about the stages of grief right here.  The character in the card is going through a tough time but is finding that they are only able to focus on what they don’t have or what’s going wrong in their life rather than look at the positive.  I’ve chosen The Star as it’s a card that represents healing and recuperation.  It’s all very well saying “you just need to focus on the positive” but that is easier said than done for a lot of people.  Sometimes we just need time to heal mentally and physically become we are ready to move on.  Whenever I see The Star I always think about breathing and being in nature.  These definitely help me during my tougher times.

The Devil -The Lovers







The Devil can represent addiction but it can also show up when your fears are getting on top of you.  Similar to the 8 of Swords, the characters have the ability to lift those chains and set themselves free but it’s going to take a bit of courage to face their fears and the unknown.  If you look at The Lovers you will see that the cards are very similar.  One is dark (The Devil) and one is light (The Lovers).  We all have choices to make.  I’ve picked this one as I think we should always try to choose love over fear whenever possible.

I hope you find these resources useful.  You may want to check out my range of Tarot Avenue candles as there are a few that tie in with these antidote cards (The Star, The Lovers, The Chariot & The Sun) so could potentially help you with the healing process.

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