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Hi, I’m Valentina

Hello! I’m so happy to be part of the Tarot Avenue family. I look forward to offering practical guidance, help and healing in all areas of love and romance.

Almost 20 years ago the Tarot led me to my beloved.

How it all began…

I was a thirty-something singleton. For several years I’d been alone and using the time to work on self-love when, just for fun, I had a Tarot reading to answer my one burning question, “When will I find romance?”

The reader threw spread after spread and every time the cards had exactly the same answer – the opportunity for love was in my life, but I was doing something to block it.

She then went into great detail about the mystery person I had put barriers up against. He was a writer, born under a fire sign. A man with a great sense of humour and dark hair.

I walked away without a clue as to who it could be, but firmly resolved to being a lot more open about the people I was meeting.

How we met…

As fate would have it, it didn’t take long to find out who the Tarot cards had been evoking.

Just a few days later I bumped into a man I hadn’t seen for 10 years. As soon as I saw him walking up the street toward me, memories flooded back of all the times he’d asked me out and I had said no – there was always something else going on in my life and no room for him.

We stopped and chatted. He was now a writer. He had dark hair. He was also single, so when he asked me to join him for a drink I said yes. On our date I found out he was a Leo (a fire sign) and he made me laugh a lot.

Just as the Tarot cards predicted, our relationship blossomed and we were married three years later. And we’ve loved every minute.

Tarot can help you find love….

Whether you’re single, separated, seeing someone socially or seriously, perhaps you’re permanently partnered or marginally married, what ever your love story the Tarot can enhance your romance.

Do you have a burning question about love or romance? Ask me and together we’ll discover what is blocking the path to your true happiness.

To book a love reading with Valentina you can do so right here…

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