Do you want to share your Tarot knowledge with the Tarot Avenue Clan?

We are finally open to accepting guest posts on the Tarot Avenue blog as we want to add different voices and points of view to the conversation.

About Tarot Avenue

Tarot Avenue has been running since January 2016 and since then we have reached tens of thousands of tarot enthusiasts, readers and professionals from all over the world We are so fortunate to have built a community of like-minded and hugely supportive and fabulous people from every corner of the world.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for original ideas and engaging content that will help our readers with their own tarot journey. A well-crafted blog post that is minimum of 500 words will be essential. Maximum length is 1500 words. The content does need to be exclusive for Tarot Avenue (i.e. not published anywhere else on the internet)

We will also require a bio with relevant links and pictures. The post should be all about the reader and now completely about you. When writing your post just keep in mind that it should serve the audience and they should learn something from reading your post. Please do not make your post overly-salesy as this just doesn’t work with my audience ☺

What’s in it for you?

You will get full credit for the post. I’ll include links back to your own site, which should see an increase in traffic. I’m constantly promoting my archive as well so you should get an ongoing flow of traffic coming from Tarot Avenue. What’s most important is that you get to share your message with the world and you get to inspire the Tarot Avenue Clan!

How to submit your guest post

To submit your guest post, please email me here. Please send your post in Word format along with any images, bio and headshot. I will personally look at all submissions and let you know if your idea fits with what I am looking for right now. My Tarot Clan really does come first. I don’t want to offend anybody but if I feel the post is not relevant or up to the standard they require I’m afraid I won’t be able to publish it. If your post is accepted I will be in touch to get more info and let you know the publishing date. I’m only planning on releasing one guest post per month so the demand will be high for these spots.