Hi, I’m David!

I’m an intuitive tarot reader originally from Scotland but now living in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

I love to get to the bottom of the issue at hand and delve beyond the traditional meaning of each card to find the overall story or theme. Tarot is a great tool for providing guidance and my aim is to leave you with all the strategies and knowledge that you need to help you make the best choices.

How It All Began

My ‘spiritual journey’ started a long time ago when I was just a wee lad in Scotland. I stumbled across a spiritualist church when I was about 16 and was totally hooked! I just loved everything that was going on and knew that this was something I would take further.

I was mesmerised by the guest mediums that they brought each week. Being so young, I didn’t get too many messages, but when I did I would run home to my Mum and together we would interpret the reading.

The encouragement was there for me to take things further but I was very young and life kind of got in the way.

Finding Tarot

Cut to about 25 years later….my lovely friend suggested we join a psychic development course. It was great but it just wasn’t tangible enough for me.

The very following week the stars aligned and I found that there was a comprehensive tarot course running in Sydney.  

To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement.  I could instantly see the stories evolving.  It was as if somebody was writing the script for a movie with every turn of a card.

It was really exciting to me to have the natural intuition and creativity to see the stories but I had to further develop my intuition and practice, practice, practice to get to where I am today.  

I’m now a passionate tarot reader and teacher who wants to inspire as many people as I can so they too can experience how joyous, powerful and engaging the tarot can be.