A Very Tarot Fairytale

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I decided to have a bit of fun this week.  I’ve always said that what I love about tarot is the rich stories that the cards can tell.  I started drawing one card at a time and wrote the story that was appearing before me.  I’m not really a creative writer so it was fun to have the cards do the work for me!  This exercise gave me deeper insight into some of the cards.  For instance I’ve never before looked at the 10 of Pentacles and thought that the person could be a spirit.  However on looking at it further only the dogs and child are looking at the old man and it’s almost as if the adults can’t see him.  How interesting!  I’ve included a picture of the cards and it reads left to right starting at the top with Judgement.  Hope you enjoy……

The Dark Angel’s Curse


FullSizeRender-49ONCE upon a time there was a child with long golden locks who lived in a small village called Valdaveer.  She was usually a really happy person and loved to play games with all the other villagers but a dark spell had been cast over their village by an angel who had turned evil.  The spell meant that the village started to flood and all of the villagers were slowly being turned to stone.

News spread of this curse to the Queen of the land, Queen Clorinda.  She was a passionate leader who was extremely fair but she had a ferocious temper when crossed.  There were rumours in the land that she actually had her own magic powers as she would never be seen without her trusty black cat and her wand.

There was supposed to be a royal wedding coming up in the next month but Queen Clorinda called that off immediately while she hatched a plan of how to defeat the dark angel.  She sent word that all official celebrations were to stop throughout the land as she felt it was unfair that there should be joy in the land whilst Valdeveer was under attack and the villagers were living under the curse.  What the queen didn’t realise at this time was that the girl with the golden locks was actually her daughter, Princess Merinda, who was due to get married.

Queen Clorinda called on the finest alchemist in the land to develop a magic potion to stop the onset of the stone curse.  The alchemist worked day and night but nothing he tried would work.  The curse was spreading which meant that flooding had spread from the village and on to the greater land.  It was only a matter of time before the whole Kingdom would be infected by the curse.

With no other option it was time for Queen Clorinda to rely on her magic.  She was reluctant to be exposed but she had no other choice.  She said a magic spell and a created a portal which took her back to the Kingdom.  She became the magical being that she had been so careful to hide but there was an instant sadness that came over her as she saw a vision of her daughter turning to stone and she knew that she was running out of time.  She consulted all the magic books and archives that she could find but she could not find a way to defeat the dark angel.

The Kingdom went into disarray and there was an uprising.  The poor villagers started attacking the wealthy as everybody was under threat and felt that their time was running out.  Chaos spread over the land.

News spread around the Kingdom of the first few deaths.  The whole Kingdom was heart broken and Queen Clorinda, being an empath, could feel every bit of pain felt by families around the land.  The pain was so much that she didn’t think that she could go on.

The Queen was an independent woman who was used to ruling the land alone as the King had never recovered from the death of their first born son.  Clorinda knew that she had no choice but to break the news to the heartbroken King that it was looking very likely that they would lose their daughter as well.  As soon as he heard this news it was as if a veil was lifted.  He sprung back to life and decided that it was time to take action.

He had an idea how to save his daughter, and the Kingdom, but he knew that he couldn’t do it alone so together with the Queen they hatched a plan.  The King remembered a fable that he had heard in his childhood about a sword that could defeat any enemy but it was only accessible to those with royal blood.  Queen Clorinda had a vision as soon as he told her and it was if words started coming to her from another world.  She shut her eyes and focussed on her daughter while reciting the incantation.  All of a sudden the skies turned dark and the wind started howling.  When the air started to clear there was a majestic sword in front of them both and they knew that this was the answer.

They moved very quickly and travelled over land to get to the village so they could face the dark angel once and for all. There was jubilation in the land that finally some action was being taken.  The villagers started to get their sense of fun and confidence back but more importantly they knew that they would all have to work together to rebuild the land.

The King took his most reliable and loyal soldier.  He had been through many wars and was left with injuries but the King knew that he could absolutely rely on him to get the job done.

There was a great battle but the King along with his trusted soldier defeated the dark angel. The village and land were left in chaos and there were many deaths as a result.

Unfortunately the King and the loyal soldier both lost their lives in the fight.  Queen Clorinda was absolutely devastated but she tried to stay positive for the sake of her daughter, who had been through a terrible ordeal.  What the Queen didn’t know was that the King also had powers of his own.  He had the gift of life.  Whilst he was dying from his wounds he could have chosen to bring himself back to life but he reached for his wand and gently touched Clorinda.

She instantly knew that she was with child and she had a vision that is was going to be a boy.  Joy slowly started to return to the Kingdom and they started the rebuild.

The great King was never forgotten and it was often said that villagers in the town square could feel his presence looking over them when they walked by.  It didn’t got unnoticed that animals and young children would always focus on a certain point, as if there was somebody there watching them.

From that day on the Kingdom was ruled with harmony and they were never attacked again.  Queen Clorinda would often visit the town square with her children and the would wave to their father, as they had clearly inherited her gifts.

They all lived happily ever after.


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