A Very Tarot Fairytale – Part 2

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You may have seen the first instalment on my fairytale.  If not you can view it here.  I got a lot of lovely comments about the first story so decided to have another go and see what came up.  I’m really not sure if this is going to continue from the first story or if we are going to have something completely new, but let’s see what happens.

I’m drawing one card at a time and seeing where the cards want to take the story.  I’ll stop when I get to a natural ending.

OK! So it seems that the cards are telling me that I need to continue the story as the first card up is the Queen of Wands who represented Queen Clorinda in my first fairytale.


The Mysterious Swordsman

Many years had passed since the episode of the Dark Angel’s Curse and Queen Clorinda now lived in the palace with her daughter, Princess Merinda, and her son Prince Valentine.  She was extremely close and protective of her children, given the events of the previous years.  She never quite got over the loss of her dear husband, who sacrificed his life for the family, but the kingdom was safe and she loved her family.

The last few years had really been a period of deep healing for her and she found most solace when she was amongst nature.  The villagers now knew of her magical gifts but she would often leave the palace late at night and head into the forest where she would cast strong magic to keep the kingdom safe from any future attacks.

Her spells were obviously working as the village was blessed with lots of new babies and there was a strong feeling of love, fulfilment and contentment all around the kingdom.  Clorinda was an empath, which meant that she picked up on energies of those around her and could really feel everything that those close to her felt so this feeling of love certainly helped with her recovery from the death of the King.

One day a stranger from another kingdom came to the village.  He said he was sent as a gift from another King to teach the villagers how to fight and defend themselves should they face another attack.  Clorinda was deeply suspicious and she really didn’t trust him.  However her son was desperate to learn how to fight and kept saying to her that he felt he was missing out as he never had a father to teach him.  She finally succumbed although she was going to keep a close eye on Javier, the teacher.

She actually had a dream that very night that Javier was the one who killed her husband.  She was not one to ignore her dreams but she couldn’t bear the thought of letting her son down.

They set up a school in the village and there were classes running all day with Javier.  He was a great teacher and the villagers felt like they were getting stronger every day.  Prince Valentine had a new energy and lease of life that Clorinda had not seen since he was a very little boy.  It warmed her heart to see him respond so well to having another male influence in his life but she could not shake the feeling that there was something not to be trusted about Javier. She felt really bound as her instincts were telling her to get rid of him but she knew that he was being really well received by her family and the kingdom.

Clorinda’s intuition got the better of her and she decided to go on a journey to visit the King who had sent Javier,  King Constantine. He lived in a far off land so the journey took a while.  She travelled on her own as she didn’t want anybody in the kingdom to know what she was up to.  The journey was very lonely and she was missing her family as well as her late husband.

When she reached King Constantine’s palace she was greeted with open arms.  She was a bit of a legend and very well respected as a great leader and independent Queen.  She was actually quite taken aback when she met the King as something deep inside her stirred but she didn’t spend too much time thinking about it as she had a job to do.

It turned out that the King had not sent Javier at all but when she described him, Constantine knew exactly who she was talking about.  Javier was King Cuthbert’s top swordsman.  King Cuthbert was the King from the next Kingdom. He had tried the same trick on Constantine many years ago.  He was able to tell the Queen that her Kingdom was in grave danger.  His plan was to send in the swordsman to get the villagers onside then eventually start an uprising against the Queen so Cuthbert could take the throne.

Constantine described how the plan had almost worked but he was made aware of the plan at the last minute.  Many of the traitors fled the land with riches and jewels, which left Constantine’s Kingdom impoverished for a long time.

As soon as the Queen heard this she knew that she was going to be fine.  What Cuthbert and Constantine didn’t know was that the Queen had been casting protective spells over the Kingdom for a long time, not just against Dark Angels and curses, but also against other mortals.  She was actually quite relieved as one of her spells was almost custom made.  This was a spell that would make anybody who came to the kingdom with ill-intent instantly forget their motive as soon as they entered the Kingdom.

She travelled back and found there were celebrations all over the Kingdom. Javier had been embraced by the villagers and brought a new sense of purpose to their lives.  He was a great asset to the Kingdom and an extremely positive role model for Prince Valentine.

King Cuthbert was rumoured to have been furious at losing his best swordsman, but The Queen didn’t hear a thing from him.  The Queen also found that she had a new sense of fulfilment and it was as if a spark had been ignited.  She could not stop thinking about King Constantine and how kind, caring and generous, but practical he had been.  She quickly buried these feelings and went back to being the glorious leader that she was.

To be continued…..maybe!



  1. Hi David I Love your tale and your ideas! Many thanks for sharing your fab creative insights into the Tarot. Many greetings from the UK.

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