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5 of Cups Tarot Spread

The 5 of Cups can represent grief, sadness and can even show up for depression.  I’m always drawn to the 2 cups that are upright in the card.  The character is so busy focusing on what has gone wrong that he can’t actually see the good stuff that is still going on in his life.

You can also see that the person is the card is really weighed down by that black cloak.  There is a lot of opportunity around him but he just can’t see the hope.

I’ve previously written a post about the 5 stages of grief and how they can show up in a tarot reading.

How Can Tarot Help?

I’m all about giving guidance in my tarot readings and I want to leave my clients with a positive action plan to help drive then forward.

How about using tarot to help us understand where we can see the light and what we should be concentrating on to help get us back on track?

Finding the Light

To find the light we do sometimes have to look into the dark.  It’s not about getting bogged down by the darkness but it can help if we stare our problems in the face.  If we can find the strength to face our fears we often see that they are not as scary as we once thought.

Practising Gratitude

Keeping a positive frame of mind can actually be hard work and we need to practice!  One of the ways to do this is simply by practicing gratitude every day.  I’ve previously written a post about practicing gratitude and how you can use tarot, which you may find useful.  You can read that post here.

5 of Cups Tarot Spread

5 of Cups Tarot Spread

As you will see above this spread is designed to highlight the highs and also recognise the issues.  It’s also about finding a way to move forward and make the most of what is on offer to you at this time.

Here is a live example of how this spread can work…

5 of Cups Tarot SpreadWhat is making me feel sad at the moment?

It’s interesting that the 3 of Cups comes up as the scene in the 5 of Cups shows that 3 of the cups have been spilled.  This would suggest to me that friendships have come to an end.  Maybe there is a 3rd person involved in a relationship?  Perhaps the figures in the card could represent ‘mean girls’ and there is some gossip involved that is getting the querent down.  There are a few options here and it would depend on what else was going on in the reading.

What should I do to help me get over this?

We have the lovely Empress.  For me, she is somebody who is completely comfortable in her skin and is happy to do things on her own terms.  I would say that the querent should try to forget about what other people think of him/her and just ‘be’.  I would also recommend that they get among nature. Maybe they need the support of their mother to help them move forward.  The overall energy here is that they need to focus on their own gifts and be comfortable with what they have.

What should I be grateful for in my life?

The querent is strong and should be grateful for the inner strength that they have.  They may have temporarily lost their passion or zest for life but they definitely have an opportunity to get this back.  They are actually really quite well regarded and have some strong leadership qualities.  I would say that they should be grateful for their ability to influence and inspire others.

What opportunities are available to me?

They truly are magic!  They have the ability to manifest their own future.  If they put their mind to it they really can make their dreams come true.  A big part of this is going to come down to confidence and self-belief.  We hold ourselves back so many times with our self-limiting beliefs but if the querent can get their mindset right they can make things happen.

How do I make the most of these opportunities?

This is about making that special blend of different aspects of life to make that magic potion.  Temperance can be about finding balance but the character in the card is also an alchemist.  The querent needs to address where they are spending their energy and get everything aligned.  It could be a good time to do a chakra tarot reading or simply ask the tarot what they need to do to achieve this balance and equilibrium.

Overall I look at this spread and see a lot of hope.  We have 3 major arcana, which shows me that there are some important life lessons to be learned here.  I see confidence as being one of the main blockages.  I would hope that this reading would send the querent on the right path to find the light again.

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  1. Totally love this spread. Your style is so easy to learn and understand!!

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      Thanks Ruth. Glad you like it. I really like to keep things simple. Happy to be of service.

  2. Thank you, I love this spread! But – from where can I buy the Tarot deck you´re using above?

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