5 Podcasts I Listen To Every Week

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My top 5 Podcasts

Since starting my tarot business I’ve become a huge fan of podcasts.  I attribute a lot of my success to what I have learned from podcasts.  I like to read but always find it difficult to find the time to sit and read a book or even a blog post.  What’s brilliant about podcasts is that you can do it on the go.  I’ve taken to walking into work, about 3.5km, and listening to podcasts has made it an enjoyable and productive experience.  The other benefit is that I have actually lost about 8kg this year!  I have also been eating better but the walking has without a doubt helped.

I thought it would be a good idea to share my favourite podcasts with you.  I tend to listen to a mix of tarot podcasts and business podcasts.  I would definitely be keen to hear if you have any recommendations that I can add to my playlist.

Biddy Tarot Podcast


600x600bbThose of you who know me by now will know that I am a super-fan of Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot.  I’m a member of her community  and she has been extremely supportive with my tarot journey.  In fact she recently interviewed me for her blog, which you can read here.

Brigit runs a weekly podcast on all things tarot.  The range of topics is excellent and she has some fantastic guests who share their knowledge.  Some of my favourite episodes have been….

Episode 3: The Science of Intuition with Mary Greer

Episode 9: Tarot for personal guidance – Benebell Wen

Episode 14: How to nail the Celtic Cross every time

You can even see from these topics that there is a huge range.  Oh and how could I forget….yours truly was also featured on one of Brigit’s episodes.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn


podcast-tile-spi@2xThis guy is hands down a genius.  If you have an interest in running an online business then he is the guy to go to.  You will find that a lot of online entrepreneurs have quite an aggressive and salesy style but Pat is totally different.  He is very humble and very willing to share all his secrets on how to build a business online.

Again he does some of these on his own but he also interviews guests with different skills and experience.  What’s really great about his style is that he leaves you with actionable tips that you can start to implement as soon as you have finished listening to each episode.

There are heaps of episodes for you to get stuck into but here are a few good starting points.

Episode 78 – Pat talks to Clay Collins from Lead Pages about how you can grow your audience online.  This is more like a class rather than a podcast.  You will see that I have implemented a few of their strategies and they are working well for me.

Episodes 192, 193 and 194.  These 3 episodes talk you though the different way you can grow your business online.  I would recommend these as a starting point for anybody looking to run an online business.



MERRYBIZ_Cover-copy-629x629If you haven’t yet heard of The Merrymaker Sisters then you are missing out.  They run a very successful blog around health, happiness and ‘finding your bliss’.  They have started a podcast based around business called #MerryBiz where they interview some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.  These girls have personality like no others.  I defy anybody to get through even one episode without smiling or feeling uplifted.  They are extremely open and honest about their growth and what they have had to do to get to where they are.  They also have great guests who share their stories.

My highlights include:

Episode 2 – How to get s*it done with Dan Norris.  This is a very inspiring episode that leaves you believing that you can also do it.

Episode 42 – A simple guide on how to start a podcast.  This was particularly interesting to me as I’m planning to start a podcast early next year.

Episode 53 – Blog to profit with Alice Nicholls.  I found this interview very inspiring. Everybody was really open and honest about the highs and lows of running a blog.  Alice has a great story to tell.

The Tarot Lady


thetarotlady_theresareed2014Theresa Reed is the original Tarot Lady.  I love everything that she does and she has been incredibly generous to me as I have started on this journey.

She actually has 2 podcasts.  The first one is quite old as it finished in 2011.  I have chosen to include this as I absolutely devoured these episodes when I first started with tarot.  The podcast is actually a recording from blog talk radio and she does live phone ins where people can get their questions answered. I love her down to earth style and she is definitely somebody who keeps it real.  There are only about 20 episodes but you can access them on Itunes – just search for The Tarot Lady.

The Tarot Lady also runs another podcast called Talking Shop.  I’m quite new to this but enjoying what I am hearing so far.

ProBlogger Podcast


problogger_podcastAnother business one but what you will find from most online entrepreneurs is that the majority have a spiritual side.  Not everybody, but you will find a lot of them talking about meditation, yoga and following their gut (intuition).

Darren Rowse is the founder of pro-blogger.  It’s a great website for anybody looking to launch their blog.  What I love about the podcast is that these are short and sharp episodes that get to the crux of the matter very quickly.  There is not a lot of fluff, just down and dirty actionable hints and tips.  One of the tips I picked up from Pro-Blogger was topics for blog posts.  Can you guess what one of them was???? You got it….. 5 podcasts I listen to every week! Thanks Darren.  🙂

There are so many episodes and I would encourage you to check them out but one that I really enjoyed was: PB 121: 7 strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome.  This was really useful for me as blogging can be quite a lonely activity and you never quite know if you are hitting the mark so you naturally start to doubt yourself.  This episode put things in perspective for me.

So it’s time to get busy folks.  You have a lot of listening to do!  I’m always looking to expand my knowledge to please do let me know which podcasts you listen to by commenting below.  I’ll add them to my list.


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  1. Hi David, very interesting podcasts which I look forward to listening to.

    There are 254 podcasts by Donna DeLa Rose and Theresa Reed on ITunes. Its Tarot Tribe – Beyond Worlds. They also have guest speakers. They run from 2009 to 2014.


    1. Author

      Hi Carole,

      Thanks for that. Yes I’ve listened to a few of the Tarot Tribe episodes and they have been really good. They do tend to be quite long but I like how the conversation just flows and there is some excellent information to be picked up. You have given me the motivation to go back and listen to some others.

      Thanks for your input.

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