2 of Swords – Decision Making Tarot Spread

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Life is made up of decisions. The tricky part is choosing the right path.

Making a decision can be overwhelming and this often leads to people getting stuck.

Tarot is a really effective tool for helping you become unstuck and point you on the right path.

I truly believe that we have free will but having some information about where we are headed before we get there can be invaluable.

Decision Making Tarot Spread

I created this decision making tarot spread on the Two of Swords.  

This card often shows up if somebody is stuck and finding it difficult to choose a path.

You can watch my tutorial and see the spread in action here...


  1. That was lovely and great spread taught by you. How do you invent new spreads please help me too to do so. I am your old student Neha Agrawal from India and always follow you. Can I use your spread in my tarot course, if you allow. If you dont, even that is okay. Please please guide me how you do so what the secret behind that. I would love to hear from you…. Thank thank you so very much.

    1. Author

      Hi Neha. I’m always looking for inspiration. Just keep an eye out but could be from a tarot card, obstacle that you face , season, astrological event or even nature. Just have fun with it and try to be creative. Feel free to use the spread in your course.

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