Tarot Court Card Personality Types – Myers Briggs

Share394Pin222Tweet+1Share616 SharesThe 16 Court Card Personalities I love delving deep into the world of personality profiling.  I have a background in HR and recruitment so understanding how different personalities operate and interact is very important. Myers Briggs Myers Briggs MBTI is a really effective indicator of personalities.  You can get a very detailed description of each type on this website.  One of 16 personality profiles is assigned when you take the test.  These are based on Carl Jung’s theories. I completed the test years ago and I have to say it was scarily accurate.  Reading the description of ENFP was like looking into my soul.  I’ve been a big fan of using this ever since. I got to thinking….16 personality types and 16 court cards. I did a bit of research about this and there are a few different ways of assigning the court cards to the personality profiles.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there but the beauty of tarot is that it is not scientific but more based on intuition. Having read through the personality types I decided to create my own guide, based on my experience with the court cards. What Court Card Are You? … Continue reading Tarot Court Card Personality Types – Myers Briggs