Future Love Tarot Spread – How, When, Where Might You Meet?

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Future Love Tarot Spread

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘when am I going to meet the man/woman of my dreams’. The Future Love Tarot Spread is the answer you have been looking for!

I should put a disclaimer here that it’s really tricky to predict timings when it comes to tarot as it really is relative.  What does ‘soon’ mean to you?  You could get a whole host of answers to that question.

This spread is for those who are looking for love. I firmly believe that we are all capable of finding love but it can be really tricky in this day and age.  I have a friend who is constantly amazed that soul mates manage to find each other in this expansive world.

Work on yourself

My view is that we really need to work on ourselves and learn to love ourselves before we can find true love.  In fact, you could even say that the love that you have for yourself will be a reflection of the love that another person will bring to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about feeding the ego.  To me, loving yourself means being kind to yourself, being forgiving, accepting and loving your shape, colour, accent etc.

Why not use the tarot to help you discover what you need to work on?  Question you could ask could include:

  • What do I need to work on right now?
  • What will help me grow to love myself?
  • Are there any blockages or issues from my past which are preventing me from finding/accepting true love?

This is a good exercise and great for you to develop your own tarot spreads based on your particular situation.

Future Love Tarot Spread

Now we get to the bit you have all been waiting for!  The Future Love Tarot Spread!

This can be a bit of a tricky spread to interpret as it has when/wheres and hows in it.  I have confidence in you!

Card 1 will very much give you an energy for the type of person you are destined to be with.  You may get a ‘feel’ for what they are going to be like from this card or maybe you will get something very literal like the 8 of Pentacles, which could represent a tradesman or artisan.

Card 4 is one to really pay attention to.  This is the challenges that you could face. These could be challenges from the past or it could be a challenge as to why you are not meeting this person right now!  Pay close attention to this card and the next card, which will help you overcome that challenge.

Card 6 is the card that will give you clues to how, where and when you could meet this person.  As I said, it’s not an easy card to interpret but let your intuition flow and see what you come up with.


I’ve put together a video demonstration for you.  This will really help you see this Future Love Tarot Spread in action!

Best of luck finding that soul mate!

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  1. I was amazed everything that appeared was so much what I had actually dreamt about!
    A few times too!
    Thank you so much!
    You are brilliant.
    I hope that all turns out as my dream and your spread revealed to me.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’m really hoping that all your dreams come true.

  2. I got the three of swords in the first position and immediately started crying. I mean, could there be a worse card to get?! How the heck do I even begin to feel this card out?

    1. Author

      Don’t worry Renay. It’s not as bad as you think. For me, this would suggest that there is a bit of healing to be done before you can meet your true love. Or maybe you will have a not so perfect experience before you move on. The key here is that there are lessons to be learned. We must remember that a 3 is very early in the story. Those clouds will part and the sun will return.

      I definitely don’t see this as a bad omen at all. Just that the timing is not right and there is a bit more work to be done before you meet the right person.

      Hope this makes sense. x

  3. Love this spread! Having some trouble interpreting my reading though, can you help??
    1. The Moon
    2. Ten of Cups
    3. Eight of Pentacles
    4. Two of Swords
    5. Eight of Swords
    6. The Star

  4. Love this spread! I’m having trouble interpreting my reading, can you help??
    1. The Moon
    2. Ten of Cups
    3. Eight of Pentacles
    4. Two of Swords
    5. Eight of Swords
    6. The Star

    1. Author

      Hi Amanda. Why not give it a go first. Write your interpretation here and I’ll chip in with my thoughts.

      1. Ok! So I think The Moon may represent someone artistic, creative, emotional, romantic and spiritual (I’m hoping it isn’t suggesting someone secretive and moody!) Or perhaps someone who is Cancer or Pisces?
        Ten of Cups indicates happiness and joy so I’m guessing the attraction will be obvious from the beginning.
        Eight of Pentacles could point to someone hardworking with a perfectionist streak, maybe some sort of artisan or tradesman.
        Two of Swords seems to imply there will be a difficult decision to make, whilst the advice from the Eight of Swords is not to feel trapped by limiting beliefs but to consider all your options. This seems a bit vague…
        The Star has been most difficult to interpret in terms of when, where and how… But it represents Aquarius, so perhaps between 20th Jan – 18th Feb. Or once a particular goal has been achieved. As to where and how, I think it implies somewhere tranquil/peaceful (again, vague), perhaps via some sort of spiritual pursuits (meditation class, yoga retreat etc).

        Interested to hear your thoughts.

        1. Author

          You’ve so got this Amanda. Really lovely interpretation and I like that you have looked for strategies to help you move forward.

          with regard to the Star. this card can represent healing and recuperation. I wonder if it’s saying it will happen when you are fully restored and recovered from previous experiences?

  5. Hi, I am just begging reader and I don’t always get the whole picture… this is what I got and I think it’s good?
    1. Ace of Wands, beginning of a new relationship, perhaps someone who is not necessarily “my type?” Since it can represent a new of life and is a Male energy card.
    2. Justice, maybe represents that it will be exactly what I’m looking for and haven’t been able to find yet.
    3. Two of Wands, I think it’s a positive card but it indicates choices that have to be made… so I don’t understand what the person will be like.
    4.Nine of Swords, maybe just internal emotional turmoils that I will have to deal with in order to .move forward?
    5. Two Of Swords, a decision I will have to make?
    6. Knight of Wands, a young man. But it’s not clear to me when or how we will meet.
    I found interesting that I got Wands for cards 1 and 3, and swords for cards 4 and 5.
    Your input/interpretation will be greatly appreciated. And thank you for posting this spread.

    1. Author

      I love it. Great interpretation. Glad that you are looking at the big picture and themes. Wands and Swords are both very masculine. When we think of masculine we think of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. It could show that you have to be quite active with the search for your soul mate. Well done with your interpretation.

  6. How do you interprete reversed cards for this spread? Example, I have
    3. R. The fool
    4. R. Knight of pentacles
    6. R. 10 of wands


    1. Author

      If you are not comfortable with reversals I would suggest that you only use upright cards for this spread.

      I often see reversals as trapped energy or even potential but it varies case by case.

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